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Tencarva has facility based repair service centers and mobile on-site repair vehicles equipped with the talent, equipment and training to restore pumps, mixers, blowers and other equipment of any size.


24 Hour / 7 Day Service : Emergency Response
To ensure you get the fastest service possible, dial your nearest Tencarva Location.


Our repair network spans over 13 repair centers in 7 states, all connected and operating under the process control procedures of the Tencarva Quality Repair System. Shared expertise, documentation procedures, and a strict methodology ensure your repair is handled with the utmost care and precision. Our efforts to continually improve have lead us to a fine tuned systematic approach to solving equipment repair.

For your service needs, we offer complete rotating equipment installation, repair and rebuild. At the heart of Tencarva’s extensive repair services are experienced, factory-trained professional mechanics. Together with full engineering support and comprehensive quality control program,these skilled technicians will increase your up-time and reduce your downtime leading to optimal operating cost.

  • Field Start-up and Troubleshooting


    Tencarva Certified Technicians are trained in “best practice” installation techniques. They check base levels, equipment fluids, pipe stresses, rotation check, and can correct any problems they encounter. They are familiar with electrical panels, wiring, floats, and can diagnose and repair electrical control issues with Tencarva ESSCO support.
  • Laser Alignment
    Laser alignment
    Laser alignment is offered by all of our Tencarva Quality Repair Facilities. All of our technicians are factory trained on laser alignment to ensure your equipment is free from vibration related issues which can lead rotating equipment to catastrophic failure.
  • Submersible Pump Repair
    The Submersible Repair Shop in Virginia operates in a 1,200 square-foot area of the warehouse’s 4,000 square-foot service area, which provides support for other aspects of the repair. We have the ability to test run pumps and motors from 115 volts to 460 volts, and up to about 88 horsepower.

Contract Maintenance

  • Service Agreements
    In many cases its most convenient for our customers to have our Tencarva trained repair and maintenance crews on site. We have successfully launched long term start ups consisting of over 1000 pumps and equipment while reactivating and in other cases have on-site maintenance crews who are permanently collocated in your plant. We provide the staff, training, equipment, management as a service. One of our most well known customers who utilizes this service is BMW in Greenville, SC.
  • Exchange Programs
    Many of our manufacturers provide us with the ability to offer exchange programs. We will take your damaged and dysfunctional equipment as a trade in for a discount on new equipment. Ask your sales engineer if the product you have is qualified for an exchange program.
  • Planned Maintenance Programs
    We provide regular scheduled maintenance on your equipment as a service. Ask your sales engineer if this is a service that you may find beneficial.

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