Tencarva Machinery ServiceTencarva repair facilities are equipped with the latest balancing technology and factory trained technicians. We use Balance Master Easy Balance software. Capabilities of our equipment include up to 5000 lbs, 72 inch diameter and 12 feet in length.

All impellers, multiple stages assemblies’, blower rotors and fans are balanced to customer specifications, in most cases well above the original equipment manufacturers specifications. Tighter balance tolerances can significantly reduce vibration levels that should dramatically reduce premature bearing and ring wear. This should substantially increase the mean time between repairs of the pump.

Our balancing equipment and technicians are capable of holding 4W/N tolerance.

All balancing machines are calibrated and certified.

Every impeller balanced by Tencarva at a minimum conforms to a G 1.0 specifications and (upon request) comes with a balance report certificate ensuring that the impeller is within the exact specifications. If even higher calibration balancing is required we are capable of balance as close as a 4W/N. (4 times the weight over the service speed.)